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Fortnight Feature No. 2 – Content Marketing is Now and Forever

Content Lives!

For our second Fortnight Feature, we focused on the topic of content marketing – its dawn, its rise, and its never-ending relevance in Internet marketing.

A Quick Anecdote

After a weekend of great playoff football games, we were reminded of a recent, high profile lesson in quality content.

Earlier this season, the NFL experimented with replacement officials as they tried to extend their negotiations with their regular referees. Very soon, the integrity of the game was compromised by the inept (though well-intentioned) replacements. The games quickly felt like hollow exercises in absurdity and fans began dismissing the league completely. The moment the league realized it had lost the fan’s faith in their legitimacy, they reached an overnight deal with their regular officials and normalcy was restored.

Even football can be grounded

Even football can be grounded

So Americans love football. Big deal. But it also became apparent how one of the most successful juggernauts in American business is built upon a house of cards, all depending completely on the quality of its product, which is by extension, its entertaining content. If the quality and authority of content diminishes, people leave. It’s as simple as that. Learn from the NFL and give people a reason to believe in your content.

The Content Marketing Wrap-Up

With that in mind, below is a summary of articles and information on content marketing that we explored during our two-week coverage of this vital topic.

January 2nd

A checklist for content marketing: http://goo.gl/DGRoA 

January 3rd

Pop quiz: What website ranks SIXTH in the world, relying solely on content, with no advertising, sales, or profits? Answer: Wikipedia.

A lesson from Google’s FTC ruling: You know you’re good when promoting your own content is seen as a “plausible improvement” http://goo.gl/MEIFr 

January 4th

Rod’s new guest post on Torque, Ltd. covering the importance of content: http://goo.gl/HCNtc

January 7th

How Much Should You Be Spending Producing Downloadable Content? http://vrly.co/XVRIto 

January 8th

Content marketers should learn from comedians http://goo.gl/p77Xp 

The art of persuasion, as taught by 4-year-olds http://goo.gl/x4G0z 

Three Stupid Simple Ways To Brainstorm Content Topics http://goo.gl/2OUKp  via @MarketingPilgrm

January 9th

Delivery affects content: 10 phrases that businesses should stop using: http://goo.gl/5LhES

How To Blog Successfully About Anything by @tannerchttp://mz.cm/XfNIAP 

88 content creation ideas by @MirandaM_ECommhttp://goo.gl/jY4py 

January 10th

Timing is everything: The best times to share content: http://goo.gl/1q8i8 

Useful post by @JordanKasteler on how to get your content out there http://goo.gl/Uph1C 

Creativity vs. Innovation http://goo.gl/gCk1J 

Give your best content new life. Helpful post via @seosmartyhttp://goo.gl/6Z5ks 

January 11th

Planning content for folks at different points in the buying cycle http://goo.gl/TBJxf 

Succumb to infographics! Great post on lifecycle of content mediums by @danieltynski http://goo.gl/82yVS 

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