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How to Reach Google Local’s Phone Support

Having trouble with your Google Places account? Luckily, Google recently launched a new help center just for Local. I just got off the phone with them and I am very impressed.

When you are logged in to your Places account, there is a little “Help” link at the top right corner.Help Link


Additional Resources Links

Once there, you get to a Google support page that will guide you to the answers you need. On the right side of your screen, there’s a section that says “Additional resources”. Click on whichever problem you are having (“Get bad listing data fixed” or “Get help with verifying your listing”) and it will take you to a page that asks a few more questions. Answer them, and you’ll get an option to input your phone number and have Google call you. They call instantly, and it is a real person on the other end to answer your questions. They can get into your dashboard and see what you see, and are able to really delve in to fix any problems.

This was long overdue.

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