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Rod is a partner at Chicago Style SEO, a full-service Internet marketing company in Chicago. His main responsibility around the office is being the head PPC wrangler (he's a certified Google AdWords expert). He also seems to spend a lot of time on the phone talking with clients and prospective clients. You can find Rod on several social media channels: , Twitter, and Facebook.

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Free Call Extensions to Disappear

I received an email just before lunch from AdWords with the subject line, “Important update to AdWords click-to-call campaigns in the US.” (See email here.) I suspected it wasn’t going to be good, so I decided to wait to read it until I got my work done. It was a good decision as the email […]

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Slides from WordPress SEO Presentation

Last week I was lucky to be invited to talk SEO in the WordPress context at Chicago Northside WordPress Meetup. We had a great meeting with a wide range of skill abilities, so there were a ton of questions. I think a good time was had by all. Several people asked for the slides of my […]

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It's Complicated

11-Item Checklist for AdWords Campaign Launches

We’ve all done it—you’ve done the heavy lifting of the keyword research, sorting out logical ad groups, written your ads (making sure to do A/B testing)…you’re anxious to light that firecracker and see what happens! So you flip the switch to “Enabled” and anxiously wait for the data to start rolling in. When you check […]

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Open Source Negative Keyword List

We have compiled a list of negative keywords that have been shared with us over the years and want to make sure anyone who needs it has access. Below is several ways you can get the list: Google Docs Spreadsheet of Negative Keywords (Make sure to look at the tabs at the bottom of the […]

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A perfect landing

What Is a Landing Page?

Technical Definition of a Landing Page “Landing page” may sound straightforward, but it’s actually a slippery term. Technically, a landing page is any page that a visitor to your site first sees—the page they land on. This often means the home page, but if visitors followed a link to your site, they may land on […]

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Christine Kent

Welcome to Christine!

We are thrilled to welcome Christine Kent to the Chicago Style SEO team. Christine showed up with years of web development experience having owned her own development company. How is that possible when she just recently graduated from college? Because she is a true go-getter. She started her web development company in high school and […]

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How To Create a Google Adwords My Client Center

  A My Client Center (MCC) Account is  an  account which Google provides to businesses and organizations that manage multiple Google Adwords accounts. An MCC account gives you one place to go where you can easily open, track, and work with multiple AdWords accounts. Here are some common scenarios when an MCC is a great […]

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The Relationship Between AdWords and the Buying Funnel

When I work on building and optimizing AdWords accounts for our clients, I always keep two things in mind while making decisions: The client’s goals for the campaign The buying funnel What’s a buying funnel? A buying funnel is a way of representing the stages a purchaser goes through on their way to buying a […]

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Open the file in Preview

How to Crop & Resize Photos for the Web Using Apple Preview

All Macs have a built in application called Preview. Preview does all kinds of wonderful stuff: it is the default PDF viewer on Mac, it allows you to sign PDFs, annotate them, open nearly any photo type, and most importantly for this post, it allows you to edit photos. How To Crop a Photo Using Preview Cropping […]

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Email Newsletter Content Matters

Yesterday I got an email newsletter from the Glacier Raft Company (GRC). My family and I spent a fantastic day this summer on the middle fork of the Three Forks River in Glacier National Park on one of GRC’s boats. It was a great time and I would recommend the trip and the company to […]

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