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Pricing Strategies for Google Shopping Campaigns

Google is a blessing and a curse for small businesses. On one hand, you have an extremely effective way of advertising and improving visibility. On the other, you have to compete with big box retailers for the same spots. When it comes to organic SEO, competing on certain factors such as legitimacy and reputation aren’t […]

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Google Update on Doorway Pages: What does it mean for Local SEO?

In case you missed it, this past Monday, March 16th, Google made yet another need-to-know announcement related to digital marketing. This being the latest of several announcements by the search engine giant in the past few months of the new year. This algorithm change by Google filters out unnecessary doorway pages from SERPs. Before we […]

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Google’s Friendly Reminder: Get Mobile-Friendly, Or Else

It’s rare that Google will make such an announcement, giving any sort of forewarning to the world about their plans for ranking signals. They’ve essentially given us all the details: the who, the what, the where, and the when. Beginning April 21st, Google will be intensifying their use of mobile-friendliness as a ranking signal. To […]

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Pinterest Marketing Strategy for Your Business in 2015

  Leverage Pinterest to Drive Targeted Traffic to Your Website When marketers think of social media channels, Pinterest isn’t usually top-of-mind. This is really a shame because it has tremendous growth opportunity for your business, especially if you’re in a visual industry or eCommerce. Pinterest was the second fastest growing social network in 2014, so […]

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Google Maps Updates Helped Us Find Burritos for Lunch

    Early last week, search engine titan Google pushed out new updates to its Google Maps app for iOS & Android. The integration of two third-party services Uber & OpenTable simplifies user experience and Material Design treats the eyes with a bold new look. For us, the Google Maps update couldn’t have come at […]

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4619 N Ravenswood

We Found Our Suite Spot!

Leaving the place you’ve called home for years is never easy. Unless, of course, your new home is bigger and better in every way! On Friday, September 12, we picked up and moved from our Lincoln Park location to the new Chicago Style SEO digs at 4619 N. Ravenswood Ave. The Ravenswood corridor has seen […]

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Social Media Photo Sizes: A Guide

No one wants their social media profile to feature a pixelated photo of their face or brand. You spent time deciding which photo to use, so you’ve got to make sure it looks right. The dimensions of the profile picture and cover photo are far from uniform across the Internet. They vary from site to […]

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5 Tips You Need To Know Before Writing Your Next Headline

Your headline is the only contact your blog post has to the outside world. It’s the message in a bottle tossed into an endless ocean. Unfortunately, there are millions of other bottled messages floating in this ocean among it. How are you going to ensure that someone finds it, reads it, and then heads over […]

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Retail Mall

Digital Marketing for Retailers — Lunch and Learn

Yesterday I  spoke at The Retail Computer Group’s Lunch ‘n Learn. It was a very nice gathering at Goose Island followed by a beer tasting (that I unfortunately had to miss). I was asked to speak on how brick & mortar retailers can use digital marketing to increase sales. My presentation  focused on three topics: […]

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How Call Tracking Reveals Marketing Opportunities

Digital marketing has a ton of potent tools at its disposal, from analytics to social media to PPC ads and remarketing cookies. But there’s one game-changing tool invented 140 years ago that a lot of businesses leave off the table… The telephone. Phone Calls Still Drive Business When understanding which marketing channels convert the most […]

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