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5 Tips You Need To Know Before Writing Your Next Headline

Your headline is the only contact your blog post has to the outside world. It’s the message in a bottle tossed into an endless ocean. Unfortunately, there are millions of other bottled messages floating in this ocean among it. How are you going to ensure that someone finds it, reads it, and then heads over […]

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Retail Mall

Digital Marketing for Retailers — Lunch and Learn

Yesterday I  spoke at The Retail Computer Group’s Lunch ‘n Learn. It was a very nice gathering at Goose Island followed by a beer tasting (that I unfortunately had to miss). I was asked to speak on how brick & mortar retailers can use digital marketing to increase sales. My presentation  focused on three topics: […]

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How Call Tracking Reveals Marketing Opportunities

Digital marketing has a ton of potent tools at its disposal, from analytics to social media to PPC ads and remarketing cookies. But there’s one game-changing tool invented 140 years ago that a lot of businesses leave off the table… The telephone. Phone Calls Still Drive Business When understanding which marketing channels convert the most […]

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The Biggest Factor for Conversions—Emotion

The Rhetoric of Web Design—Part 3: Emotion You’ve labored to get people to visit your site. Advertising, SEO, content, social media, emails, PR—it’s all been in an effort to drive visits. As mentioned in the previous articles in this series, those visitors shouldn’t go to waste. Your business makes no money from visits alone. And […]

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Google Launches “Google My Business” Platform to Help Simplify Local Marketing for Businesses

Google announced today it would be rebranding current Google+ pages to Google My Business (GMB?). The update doesn’t change what users will see in Google Maps or Search, rather simplifies management for business owners on the backend. Also, a Google My Business app will be available for iOS and is already available on Android so you […]

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nimble candle

Chicago Style SEO Acquires Firm, Nimble Candle

        Do you remember what it felt like playing pick up basketball in school—you’re scraping by, neck and neck with the other team, when out of nowhere, one of the best ballers in your grade saunters to the court and joins your team? “Oh, the places we’ll go and the ‘oops we’ll […]

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Monthly Marketing News—April ’14

Every month we round up the latest in SEO, content, PPC, Google Analytics, and social media so that you have the most important highlights on the going-ons of internet marketing. This month you’ll find the biggest news under Analytics, some interesting mergers in Social, and the Bing Ads continues to differentiate itself from AdWords.   […]

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Schema.org Actions Help Google Better Understand Your Content

Schema.org Evolves, Adds Actions If you want to improve the line of communication between your site’s content and Google’s robots, then there’s big news in the world of semantic markup. For the uninitiated, the Semantic Web, contextualized by languages like Schema.org, is critical in translating and clarifying structured data for search engines to recognize, making […]

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Is Facebook Still a Viable Marketing Platform?

There’s a lot of sturm and drang in the air when businesses log into their Facebook accounts. Views are plummeting, reach is shrinking, and “likes” are becoming even more ephemeral and mysterious than ever. What exactly is happening? Simply put, Facebook is putting the squeeze on business accounts. After attracting companies to their platform to […]

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Weekly Marketing News — 3/31/14

SEO / Content More Precise Index Status Data for Your Site Variations Authority Is the New Links App Indexing Updates Testing the Accuracy of Avg. Position for Search Queries in Google Webmaster Tools Parallax Scrolling Websites and SEO – A Collection of Solutions and Examples 10 Ways To Get Traffic Like Buzzfeed (Without Paying For […]

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