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Android Crushes iOS in Promoted Tweet Engagements

We’ll come out and say it — we have a crush on Twitter’s advertising platform. Our other social ad platform, Facebook, was a knuckle-dragging brute in comparison. It’s almost like Facebook didn’t even care about our real feelings. *sniff* Frankly, it’s the Promoted Tweets that have us all atwitter (pun, sadly, intended). We swoon over […]

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SEO Basics Webinar

Basic SEO Webinar Video & Deck

I’d like to thank everyone who attended our first ever Internet Marketing Sandwich—Learn Over Lunch. The topic was SEO Basics and we had a really good turnout. Below are the two take-aways from the webinar: we recorded the webinar so below is the video as well as links to download the presentation slides in various formats. SEO Basics […]

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Fortnight Feature No. 18 — (Not Provided)

A lot of things have shaken up the SEO world, but none have done so with such universal force as Google’s rapid incorporation of ‘(not provided)’, a shorthand reference to their withholding of keyword search data from webmasters. This change has inspired a lot of theories about the motivation behind it — some folks think […]

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Five iOS 7 Features Marketers Should Know About

It’s that time of year again, when people huddle up next to a warm fire after going Apple picking with their loved ones at their local Apple store. Nothing says fall like a freshly baked iPhone operating system. So as everyone is getting a taste of the new flat design and parallax motion, marketers have […]

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Internet Marketing Sandwich

Learn SEO Over Lunch Join our partner Rod Holmes for a free lunchbreak webinar on October 8th and learn all about the basics of SEO. For more info, check out the sign-up page here.

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online reviews

Get More Reviews for your Local Business

Gaining exposure in a competitive local market is a challenging task. A large part of raising your local profile and getting noticed by local customers (and Google Maps) is to have reviews on sites like Yelp, Google+ and Foursquare.  An estimated 85% of people look at online reviews to determine whether a local business is […]

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web design labyrinth

Fortnight Feature No. 17 – Web Design

Web design presents about as many topics and angles of discussion as there are ways to pluck a chicken, cook an egg, or skin a cat. In this particular instance, we want to focus specifically on the set of issues that may be presented to a business in the process of redesigning their website, or […]

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Fortnight Feature No. 16 — Reputation Management

It’s taken some time for the population to realize that managing one’s identity online is no longer a choice — you will exist online in some fashion or another whether by your doing or another’s. After you’ve accepted this reality, that there will be a parallel version of yourself (or your business) floating around online, […]

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Ladies Love Link-Builders—SEO Outreach Tactics Inspired by OkCupid

I should probably preface this post with a warning: I’ve never had much luck with relationships. My dating record reads like a scorecard from a bad game of bowling—not a lot of exes. Take anything I have to say about internet dating with a grain of salt. That said, isn’t it interesting how the tactics […]

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Fortnight Feature No. 15 — Blog Comments

Businesses everywhere will harp on the necessity to engage your customers in a “conversation” or to try and build “relationships” with them. Promoting comments on your blog articles is a surefire way to achieve this constructive goal, right? Then you journey deep into the heart of darkness: “Check the vidz on my site! Work from […]

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