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What Super Bowl Ads Teach Us NOT to Do

If you’re familiar with high school talent shows, then you understand what Super Bowl advertising is becoming. In both instances, a never-ending queue of characters is trotted out in front of an audience, each attempting to impress and dazzle, to inherit a new identity by sheer willpower and hopefully change their fate in the brutal […]

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aristotle rhetoric web design

Why Aristotle Should Be Your Web Designer

It’s All Greek to Me Decimated and exhausted, the Greek army was stymied again and again outside the walls of Troy. “Ah fudge,” the generals exclaimed. “We’re stymied.” If they couldn’t figure out a way inside, they would be ruined. One general, Odysseus, was clever enough to think up a strategy to get his troops […]

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Fortnight Feature No. 21 — Wearable Tech

Marketing platforms are always changing. Just when you thought you’d caught up to the shift from desktop computers to mobile devices, Google, Samsung, and Apple (among others) are making a push to introduce the next platform — wearable technology. Whether in the form of glasses, watches, or wristbands, mobile devices are becoming untethered to the […]

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Outbrain and Retargeting Together

Outbrain & Retargeting Help Branding & Conversions

Outbrain & Retargeting Go Together Like Cookies & Milk In the world of exquisite fine dining, the best things often come in pairs: mac & cheese, coffee & donuts, gin & tonic (not all at once) are just a few that top my list of dynamic duos. In the world of Internet marketing, I have just […]

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Fortnight Feature No. 20—Voice Search

It didn’t even begin with Siri. Our strange impulse to speak to robots has been around longer than we realize. In the 80’s, it appeared in the aesthetically haunting scenes from Blade Runner, and in the late 90’s, it manifested itself in the equally haunting Furby’s invading our kid’s rooms, all before Apple even had […]

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Android Crushes iOS in Promoted Tweet Engagements

We’ll come out and say it — we have a crush on Twitter’s advertising platform. Our other social ad platform, Facebook, was a knuckle-dragging brute in comparison. It’s almost like Facebook didn’t even care about our real feelings. *sniff* Frankly, it’s the Promoted Tweets that have us all atwitter (pun, sadly, intended). We swoon over […]

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SEO Basics Webinar

Basic SEO Webinar Video & Deck

I’d like to thank everyone who attended our first ever Internet Marketing Sandwich—Learn Over Lunch. The topic was SEO Basics and we had a really good turnout. Below are the two take-aways from the webinar: we recorded the webinar so below is the video as well as links to download the presentation slides in various formats. SEO Basics […]

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Fortnight Feature No. 18 — (Not Provided)

A lot of things have shaken up the SEO world, but none have done so with such universal force as Google’s rapid incorporation of ‘(not provided)’, a shorthand reference to their withholding of keyword search data from webmasters. This change has inspired a lot of theories about the motivation behind it — some folks think […]

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Five iOS 7 Features Marketers Should Know About

It’s that time of year again, when people huddle up next to a warm fire after going Apple picking with their loved ones at their local Apple store. Nothing says fall like a freshly baked iPhone operating system. So as everyone is getting a taste of the new flat design and parallax motion, marketers have […]

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Internet Marketing Sandwich

Learn SEO Over Lunch Join our partner Rod Holmes for a free lunchbreak webinar on October 8th and learn all about the basics of SEO. For more info, check out the sign-up page here.

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