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Google’s Need for Speed – Optimize Photos for Fast Loading

This is the third in a series of seven or so (you never know, we might more to write about) posts on how to speed up your web pages and your website in general. A lot more attention has been paid to site speed by the SEO community because Google began talking about how they planned […]

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Google’s Need for Speed – How To Know If Your Site Is Slow

This is the second of several posts addressing issues around Google’s announcement that they are releasing a new architecture (called Caffeine) for their web search and their emphasis in conjunction with Caffeine’s release of how quickly web pages load. In the series we will be looking at: An Overview of Site Speed How to find out […]

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Google’s Need for Speed – An Overview

In August of 2009 Google began talking about releasing Caffeine on the world (or at least the world of people that use and count on Google). What’s Caffeine? According to Google it’s their “next-generation architecture for Google?s web search.” This means Google is looking at changing how they index the Internet and they are reevaluating […]

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Speed Up the Rewrite Engine for WordPress

While reading Michael Gray’s post on WordPress’ scalability, I followed this link to a webmasterworld.com forum on WordPress’ default .htaccess code. jdMorgan replied to thread with a whole new set of code to replace the .htaccess file that WordPress installs to optimize the URLs in a blog. jdMorgan had rewritten the .htaccess code in order […]

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Bing Local Now Allows Local Listings Confirmation By Phone, But Not If You’ve Asked for a Postcard

When Bing first came out, we at Chicago Style SEO immediately went in to claim our local listings (as everyone concerned with their web site’s SEO should do for all search engines and directories). I was a bit displeased when I went in to find that Bing was going to mail me a postcard with […]

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7 Steps to Shopping Cart Checkout Optimization

If you get 1000 visitors a day to your site and 2% convert into customers, you will have 20 customers a day. At Chicago Style SEO, we are obviously proponents of always looking to increase your relevant traffic, but at a certain point, it becomes much more efficient to work on increasing your conversion rate. […]

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Web Designers Suck at Semantic Markup!

Yeah, I’m talking about you. I have been looking at quite a lot of source code from websites lately, and I’m struck by just how rampant bad semantic markup is on the web. I’m not talking about whether sidebar headers should be H3 or H4; I’m seeing whole sites with the same title (or none […]

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The Evolution of SEO: Growing Ever More Complex

In his book, A Brief History of Everything, Ken Wilber lays out a fascinating case of how the world is continually evolving and how with every step along the way, everything gets more and more complex. This is most certainly the case with SEO. In their posts  Social Interaction & Advertising Are The Modern Day […]

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Optimizing PDF Documents for Search Engines

From my experience, PDFs are one of the most widely used, yet under optimized elements of a huge portion of websites.  All too often, I see websites using pdfs in situations that would be much better served taking the extra time to create a new website page.  The situation is exacerbated by the fact that […]

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