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Entry-Level Internet Marketing/SEO Position Available

EDIT 12/6/2011 — This position has been filled.

Chicago Style SEO is hiring a person who would like to learn the Internet marketing industry through hands-on experience. It’s a chance to learn cutting edge skills, work in a relaxed office that overlooks Lincoln Park Zoo, and do interesting and challenging work: Internet marketing research, keyword research, setting up and analyzing PPC campaigns, researching, setting up, and analyzing social media campaigns, and link building to name a few. The work is diverse and ever changing.

This is an opportunity to grow professionally with a company that is growing rapidly. We are looking to develop leaders and promote from within. We want to find someone who can contribute with strategic thinking and help us continue to grow.

We are looking for someone who is analytical (meaning you love spreadsheets and all the stuff you can do with them) and yet creative and a strong writer. Yep, “analytic,” “creative,” and “strong writer” are on opposite ends of the skills spectrum, but they are what make for a great Internet marketer. The more you know about Internet marketing, SEO, PPC, website construction (HTML, CSS, JavaScript), email marketing, keywords and their importance to marketing, and spreadsheets, the better.

The perfect candidate will know PHP, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, WordPress, etc.; Programming is not required to land the job, but if you can’t, you have to be excited by the thought of learning it with our help.

The position is in our office; occasional working from home will be okay eventually, but in the beginning you’ll be in the office. And for the long run, working in the office will be the norm.

Send a cover letter and a resume in PDF, text, or RTF format (Please note that MS Word will NOT be accepted) to with the subject line, “Entry-level Internet Marketing/SEO Position”. Yes, these instructions are a test and if you can’t follow them, you’re going to have a hard time getting hired by us.

Rod is a partner at Chicago Style SEO, a full-service Internet marketing company in Chicago. His main responsibility around the office is being the head Director of Sales, which means he spends a lot of time on the phone talking with clients and prospective clients.You can find Rod on several social media channels: , Twitter, and Facebook.

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