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Gmail to Let You Control Ad Content…At Least A Little

Better-Gmail-Ads Spokesperson Giving the Spiel

Better-Gmail-Ads Spokesperson Giving the Spiel

While going through my email in Gmail this morning I saw a little pop up that said I was going to start seeing fewer ads soon and asked if I wanted to learn more. Given how many AdWords clients we have, I of course wanted to see more. The link took me here.

It sounds like Google is going to allow some trial accounts to do basically what Priority Inbox allows you to do: let Google know if an ad is useful or not. They will then adjust the ads they send to you based on the feedback you give them.

They say in print and in the video several times that Gmail users will start to see fewer ads, but that the ads they see should be more useful. I also liked the philosophy they stated that it makes no sense for them to show you ads that are not useful to you. I wish Facebook would begin to take this into account…I would love to start seeing fewer ads for all the SEO/affiliate-marketing scammers I seem to attract on Facebook.

They also note that more of the ads will be for my local area; I guess that means they will emphasize local ads over national ads. I’m anxious to see how this plays out for some of our clients. Most of our local clients don’t advertise in Gmail…that may have to change.

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