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Welcome to Christine!

We are thrilled to welcome Christine Kent to the Chicago Style SEO team.

Christine KentChristine showed up with years of web development experience having owned her own development company. How is that possible when she just recently graduated from college? Because she is a true go-getter. She started her web development company in high school and continued it through college. She told us how she would hit the local businesses around the college and sell them custom Facebook fan pages and websites. (I won’t mention what I did between my classes…)

Christine has been here for two months now and she has accomplished a lot: she has become Google AdWords certified, learned all the inner workings of our systems, become a keyword researcher extraordinar, is a meticulous AdWords account developer, and is working diligently to improve our clients’ local SEO.

Now if her boss could just get a welcoming post up her before she posts her first blog post (about Google MCC accounts) on our site.

Rod is a partner at Chicago Style SEO, a full-service Internet marketing company in Chicago. His main responsibility around the office is being the head Director of Sales, which means he spends a lot of time on the phone talking with clients and prospective clients.You can find Rod on several social media channels: , Twitter, and Facebook.

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Chris Strupp, Marketing Manager – Chicago Flyhouse