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Quick Take – Social Media Lessons from Gangnam Style

You thought we couldn’t take the most popular bit of exciting, silly, crowd-pleasing fun and squeeze some dry marketing insight out of it, did you?

Leave it to us to analyze social media trends as indicated by the behavior of a billion Gangam Style viewers, as shown by this infographic.

officialpsy at

officialpsy at

Here are some possible interpretations of the data. Of course, much of this is subjective, but therein lies the fun.

  • “Gagnam Style has been shared on Facebook 21 times more than it has been mentioned on Twitter.” There are lots of ways to look at this. At the very least, one can say that video sharing is not really in Twitter’s wheelhouse. So if you have video content, it’s best to promote it on Facebook. But how much of that large difference in share rates is a function of format and how much is a function of popularity? And how much depends on the type of circles one keeps within each medium? Hmmm.
  • “PSY Fans are 3 times more likely to like the video than to subscribe to the channel.” This is big. This observation underscores a vital tendency of social media: people like and share content, not people. Even when the person in question is a charming, ebullient showman taking the world by storm, what people want is his content. Businesses should take note – ask people to like your content, not necessarily your brand.
  • “1 out of every 95 people who watched the Gangnam Style video were engaged viewers (they either liked, disliked, or commented).” Even with the most compelling piece of content to hit the internet in years, the engagement rate is not mind-blowing. Don’t set yourself up to expect incredible engagement levels on social media right away. Instead, watch how trends change relatively in response to alterations in your content, then optimize your social behavior accordingly.

So in short:

1) Know what medium is best for your format.

2) Consider the company people keep across different platforms and how that affects share rates.

3) Attract bees with honey, aka content.

4) Keep engagement expectations realistic, looking to identify causes behind relative changes.

5) If nothing else, just be awesome like Psy.


Sam Mock

Sam Mock is the Content Director at Chicago Style SEO, a full service Internet marketing firm. He can't wait for the day when writers unite to storm the gates of Google and gorge themselves on Cheez-Its in the break room. Connect with him on , and Twitter.


This gives us another example that how an original and unique content can make one successful. Gangnam Style song is not understood by almost 75 percent who watch it, but they just enjoy it because of its unique creativity. Thanks for giving us such nice example

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Chris Strupp, Marketing Manager – Chicago Flyhouse