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Fortnight Feature No. 5 – Social Channels for Businesses

Choosing a Table in the Social Media Cafeteria

social media cafeteria

The Facebook table got all the tater tots

Thought you left high school behind? It doesn’t seem like it when choosing a social media platform feels a lot like finding a seat in your old cafeteria.

With the ongoing push towards content marketing and social outreach, it can be difficult to know where to begin. As a business, it’s important to not rush into it, and equally important to know which social channel is best suited to support your industry and the content you’re able to produce.

Over the last two weeks, we investigated the nature of six prominent social channels, with a special emphasis on LinkedIn. With its singular focus on business, and appreciation of long-form, pragmatic content, LinkedIn is a good place to debut your company’s social media presence.

By refining your company page, joining industry groups, and engaging in business conversations, you can practice your online social skills in a “safe place” where there will be little chance of being hazed as a result of your identity as a business. Once you feel comfortable navigating an online forum, you can branch out to the more versatile, social channels like Facebook or Pinterest – or you may find that LinkedIn provides all the social benefits your business needs.

Below are some links that can help you use LinkedIn. We’ve also included our blog post that profiles each of the six social channels so you can appropriately tailor your content for each forum you choose to join.

Social Channels

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Sam Mock

Sam Mock is the Content Director at Chicago Style SEO, a full service Internet marketing firm. He can't wait for the day when writers unite to storm the gates of Google and gorge themselves on Cheez-Its in the break room. Connect with him on , and Twitter.

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