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Fortnight Feature No. 4 – PPC Advertising

Advertising Will Outlive You

People are so quick to declare the death of advertising. It’s almost as if a rich bounty was announced and every “marketing guru” wants to be the first one holding its bloody head.

Advertising is Dead

This guy is never getting caught

What’s the reason for this? Perhaps they just get excited and jittery when things change a bit and they don’t know what else to do. They say the internet has revolutionized the industry, that first-hand consumer reviews are exceedingly available, that word-of-mouth marketing is the new black.

All of these things are true, but none of them will kill advertising.

Consumers have always and will always get information from other sources, but that doesn’t eliminate the influence that ads have on their everyday lives.

Unlike tools of communication – like morse code – that can become obsolete, advertising is a style of communication that can adapt like a chameleon to whatever environment it finds itself in.

Ads will educate, brand, impress, and persuade buying populations for the long, foreseeable future, no matter how often people proclaim its untimely passing.

PPC: The Adaptable Ad

Pay-Per-Click is a perfect example of advertising’s chameleonic nature. Since the internet was born and the landscape has shifted, advertising has adjusted its skin to fit into this new online environment.

And PPC is not just a quick, stop-gap solution. It has provided businesses with even more control over which consumers to target, all while supplying immediate, measurable feedback.

As technology evolves, Google and its competitors are paying more and more attention to the future of online advertising, updating their algorithms and page designs to accommodate an “ad-friendly environment.” Internet traffic is increasingly driven by paid search advertising, and agile businesses are already taking advantage of this.

Become one of these businesses and check out the links below. They will help you navigate the growing PPC world, which is the latest, but not the last, incarnation of advertising.


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