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Fortnight Feature No. 6 – Mobile Marketing

The New Mobile Idolatry

If you’ve recently walked down the street, been on the bus, or existed at all in public space, you’ve noticed that it’s a lot harder to make eye contact with people. Instead, you see the tops of their heads, as they piously crane their necks downward toward clasped palms. Such apparently widespread fealty is actually devotion of a different sort – to the glow of a smartphone screen.

Mobile phone attention

Perhaps I’ve overdramatized the rapid adoption of mobile technologies, but the impact of mobile computing on daily life has been extraordinary. And while the phone became the first host device transformed by this technology, eyeglasses and watches are next in line (with shirt buttons and shoelaces surely not far behind).

Put bluntly, mobile technology will soon just be technology. Digital access will become so ubiquitous that the current novelty of highlighting the mobile variety will become redundant. Now that computers have crashed through the walls of our homes and offices, they aren’t about to return obediently to their desktops.

Give your business a head start by adapting to this new frontier now. Below are some useful articles and resources we uncovered while looking into the evolving state of mobile marketing and technology.


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