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Fortnight Feature No. 11 — AdWords Image Extensions and Dynamic Remarketing

Google AdWords is one of the most effective forms of PPC marketing out there. In fact, it’s practically become synonymous with the phrase PPC, with many sometimes forgetting about the numerous other manifestations on Facebook, Bing, and elsewhere.

Now cow-pugs are gonna sell like hotcakes

Now cow-pugs are gonna sell like hotcakes

Well, with two recent additions to AdWords functionality, Google is looking to keep their position as king of the PPC hill.

The first, image extensions, will allow the top position in Adwords to display images associated with their ad, presumably attracting more attention and clarifying any offers with this rich new layer.

The second, dynamic remarketing, will allow marketers to streamline their remarketing efforts by having Google automatically create remarketing ads, including price, image, and text tailored to the specific behavior of your website visitors. This will save an immense amount of time and seemingly increase the odds for conversions through a high level of customization.

To learn more about these two new features, check out the below articles that we’ve reviewed as the best resources on the image extensions and dynamic remarketing currently available.

Image Extensions

Image Extend Your Ads: Google Introduces New Image Extensions

A good introduction to the new capability. Lewis Austin, PPC & Social Media Manager, discusses the advantages and disadvantages of image extensions, particularly as it relates to CTR.

Why New AdWords Image Extensions Will Steal All Your Leads

A predictive piece on how AdWords image extensions will behave a lot like PLA’s (product listing ads) already do for e-commerce companies. The main assertion Larry Kim makes here is that PPC is evolving rapidly, and you have to utilize the new features to keep up with the competition and get any benefit from it.

AdWords Image Extensions: Early Reactions & In-The-Wild Examples

This article provides some helpful insights through specific experiences with the new image extensions. Ginny Marvin makes observations about how they are appearing, how they’re getting approved by Google, and how they’re seemingly affecting the SERP ecosystem.

New AdWords Image Extensions Will Change The Way We Advertise

Daniel Blinman takes a didactic approach to the news, giving PPCers some useful tips on how to use image extensions along with some advice on when and where NOT to use them. It’s always good to think critically about this rather than just charge headlong into the breach.

Dynamic Remarketing

Google Rolls Out AdWords Dynamic Retargeting For Retailers

This article provides a good overview for the way the new dynamic remarketing system works. Ginny Marvin explains the general purpose and shares some of Google’s conversion success stories, providing a sense of how one might be able to use this new tool and save some time on the creative end.

Dynamic Remarketing Ads: The Future of Google Remarketing

Tony Testaverde writes a post earlier than many taking the reader through the dynamic offerings (pun intended) of this new form of remarketing. After introducing the old ways of doing things, he shows how dynamic remarketing works, how to create your ads, and why it’s so good, all complete with screenshots.

Setting Up AdWords Dynamic Remarketing

This is the official guide under Google Support for setting up your campaign. Very detailed.


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