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Fortnight Feature No. 12: Google Authorship


What if Google Authorship existed for Macbeth?


Would we have seen Bacon or Marlowe in the SERP?










With content marketing fast becoming the Internet gold rush of 2013, it’s important to make sure you get credit for your gold nuggets and that no one steals your pan.

Ok, so what I really mean is that with Google authorship, you can essentially link everything you produce together through your Google+ profile. This creates a unified byline that is attached to your content, even showing your picture beside search results.

There are numerous benefits to this, notably the universal one of organizing the deluge of content living out there by its original writer. Google authorship also allows you to accumulate authority and expand your reach online, leveraging your circles and the higher CTR of search results that have rich snippets.

So how in the world do you use Google authorship? We’ve decided to highlight and review the best articles that cover the topic of authorship from a variety of angles.

10 Reasons Writers Should Claim Their Google Authorship Markup

This article provides a great overview of all of the benefits of authorship (10 of them if you didn’t guess). Demian Farnworth takes a big picture approach to explain how this new feature can help writers and emphasizes the point that the success of content is often very much tied to who wrote it, and not always what it is.

Google Authorship Markup: A Great Platform For Unique Identification

For a thorough technical walk-through of how authorship works, check out this article by Sanket Patel. He outlines how to set up your authorship on Google+, how the markup works by communicating authorship information through different situations, and which HTML code to use.

Author Rank

This is a somewhat older article by AJ Kohn, but it does a great job discussing the many aspects of how authorship will contribute to the related algorithm project that Google is suspected to be perfecting. With AuthorRank, search results could be affected dramatically based on authorship reputation, and all of the speculative possibilities are included here. Check this out to see what the future may hold.

Sam Mock

Sam Mock is the Content Director at Chicago Style SEO, a full service Internet marketing firm. He can't wait for the day when writers unite to storm the gates of Google and gorge themselves on Cheez-Its in the break room. Connect with him on , and Twitter.

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