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Fortnight Feature No. 16 — Reputation Management

It’s taken some time for the population to realize that managing one’s identity online is no longer a choice — you will exist online in some fashion or another whether by your doing or another’s. After you’ve accepted this reality, that there will be a parallel version of yourself (or your business) floating around online, then the next logical concern should be the reputation of your digital doppelgänger.

Google can't see me! Google can't see me!

Google can’t see me! Google can’t see me!

And this concern manifests itself in a number of ways for different situations. Some sites are ignored while others are heavily used. Some look to expand a network while others look to expand a body of work. And some new parents even pre-register their baby’s name on websites and social channels, prohibiting tagged photos and locking down the child’s online reputation till the he/she is old enough to use the profiles.

No matter what approach you decide to take, SEO has a large hand in how well you are able to manage your online reputation. From curating a representative social media profile, to guarding against illegitimate slander, it’s important to be aware of the tools at your disposal so you can be in control of the face you show the world.

The below articles offer what we think is some of the best coverage and advice on the topic of reputation management.

Reputation Management SEO: 6 Advanced Tactics

Moz CEO Rand Fishkin takes you through his more advanced suggestions for how to manage your online reputation. Much of it centers around ownership and control over the material out there, relying less on sites that are open-ended and thinking creatively about how to get your name on some powerful and positive sites.

The Dark Side of Reputation Management: How It Affects Your Business

Forbes contributor Cheryl Conner has her eyes opened about the extensive online reputation management community, including the prevalence of extortion tactics from seedy companies. Complete with an interview with expert Richart Ruddie, this article provides a lot of good information about how to navigate some of the ugly tricks still practiced online.

Top 10 SEO Reputation Management Tools Online

If you need a list of tools for keeping track of what’s being said about you and where, then this is the list for you. Amanda DiSilvestro includes a snapshot review of each tracking tool as well as any access costs and trial time. Indispensible resource for keeping your ear to the ground when it comes to your name or your brand online.

Important Lessons in Online Reputation Management From @AndyBeal

David Wells of Hubspot interviews ORM guru Andy Beal about a huge range of issues. The 30-minute interview is viewable on the site, and covers topics like monitoring programs, response time, negative SERPS, and more. A great interview particularly for companies that are trying to manage a lot of moving parts that all impact their overall brand reputation.

Wake Up Reputation Managers: SEO Convergence Needed Now

In light of Google’s recent algorithm changes, it’s become more and more essential for companies to devise a strong content strategy that stands in as the foundation of a positive reputation. So says Andrew Barnett at PR Week in his article about the need for reputation managers to adapt to changes online and become just as sophisticated as the search engines.


Sam Mock

Sam Mock is the Content Director at Chicago Style SEO, a full service Internet marketing firm. He can't wait for the day when writers unite to storm the gates of Google and gorge themselves on Cheez-Its in the break room. Connect with him on , and Twitter.

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