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How Amazon’s New Home Services Could Affect SEO

Amazon Home Services affecting SEO

Are you 90 years old with fears of viruses and spyware on your computer? Can’t find any friends to help you mount that new TV of yours? Not man enough to plunge your own damn toilet?!?

No problem! Amazon is to the rescue, ensuring that hiring a plumber is now as easy as purchasing your next bulk order of the toilet paper you overused that got you into this mess. Both are done simply at the click of a button.

Amazon’s New Service Business Marketplace

This past Monday, March 31, Amazon launched Home Services, their online marketplace for professional help around the house. Everything from plumbing to appliance repair, from TV wall mounting to iPhone repair, grill assembly to tire installation—Amazon plans on delivering any home service imaginable.

Amazon describes its new marketplace as “invite-only,” and requires that businesses pass background checks and maintain required trade licenses. However, businesses seeking an invite need only to apply on the website.

The same way that Uber has cut down on ridesharing prices in big cities across the country, the competitive pricing and ease of use that Amazon offers mean that Home Services stands a real chance of affecting service industry prices across the board.

How Home Services Could Affect SEO

Now, it’s impossible to say whether this will take off and become the preferred way to hire a home service professional. But Amazon’s track record is nothing to scoff at and if they succeed in crowning themselves as the ubiquitous online purchasing middleman, search engines will no doubt be paying attention. Very often, a product sold on Amazon outranks the manufacturer’s own website, so it may become a “use it or lose it” situation for service businesses.

Amazon product reviews are currently embedded into their SERPs, so the same can be expected of home services listings. Because having online customer reviews displayed in search results usually increases your CTR (and consequently decreases those who don’t) business listed in Home Services may see increased business not only through Amazon, but via organic search as well.

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