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We Are Google AdWords Experts

Chicago Style SEO is a Certified Google AdWords Partner (click here for our status). This certification means every single person at Chicago Style SEO who works on your AdWords account has passed Google’s rigorous tests. It also indicates that we manage a large dollar volume of AdWords for our clients. In the case of Chicago Style SEO, it also means we attend regular seminars and conferences put on by Google to make sure we are on top of the latest technology, systems, and strategies. All of our experts in our Chicago AdWords management office are ready to help turn your AdWords account into a quality business generator for you.


65% of Clicks for Highly Commercial Searches Go to AdWords!

A recent study found that when people are searching to buy a product or service, 64.6% of them click on the ads on the search results page. These are the people who are looking to buy! In fact, the top three ads take up to 41.1% of the clicks on the page and 45.5% of people don’t know they are clicking on an ad. (source)

The bottom line is that your business will benefit from using AdWords, IF it is done correctly.


We Work With You To Achieve Positive ROI

We believe to achieve the best results, we have to work carefully with you; we have to understand not only your business, but also your business goals. It’s only after listening and completely understanding what you want to achieve that we begin our process:

  1. Keyword Research
    We use several research tools to find the range of general and highly specific keywords related to your business goals. We’ll cast a very wide net, trying to pull in any keyword that may help your business. We then meet with you and review the keywords and get your feedback on what areas are right, wrong, or need work.
  2. AdWords Ad Creation
    Rod Holmes of Chicago Style SEO Explains PPC Basics

    Click to Watch Rod Holmes (Chicago Style SEO Partner) Explain PPC Basics

    We write very specific, highly effective ads for each theme-based group of keywords. Our ad-writing experts understand what makes a powerful, clickable ad. We actually craft two ads per group so we are always doing A/B testing on all ads to continually hone and improve the ad quality.

  3. AdWords Campaign Development
    Google makes it easy for anyone to create and launch AdWords campaigns. The problem is, most people don’t know the best practices on how to structure the campaign. Many factors have to be taken into account: geographic targeting goals, services/products you provide, etc. We develop a campaign structure that works best for your business goals.
  4. Continual Account Optimization
    Once a campaign is launched, the work has only begun; next is the nurturing and day-to-day management necessary for the success of the campaign. Without continual care, most campaigns will begin to falter. The goal is to get an upward spiral of success started. This takes continual analysis of results and adjustments of bids, keywords, ads, ad groups, and general structure.
  5. AdWords Reporting To Meet Your Needs
    Every one of our clients has different goals. This means that what they need in their reports is different. Some are only concerned about conversions and ROI. Others are more concerned about branding and how many people see their ads and visit their website. We don’t try to stuff your needs into a pre-defined report; we create a custom report for you that provides the information you need quickly and easily. We also deliver these reports as frequently as you want. Most want information twice a month while others are fine with monthly. Still others need weekly updates. We work with you to get you the information you need, when you need it.

Getting Started With Help From Our Chicago AdWords Team

If you’d like to get started with AdWords management, give us a call at 773.809.5002. We’d love to talk with you about your business, your goals, and to determine whether AdWords can help.

Want to Improve Your Existing AdWords Campaign?

Start with our free AdWords Report Card. We’ll evaluate your current campaign and give you an actionable list of items to improve the campaign’s performance. You’re welcome to run with the recommendations yourself, or if you’d like our help, we’ll roll up our sleeves and get to work for you.

We have gone from having almost all our keywords ranking somewhere above 75+, to having five keywords in the top 10, and 10 keywords in the top 20, we have seen some real progress.

Chris Strupp, Marketing Manager – Chicago Flyhouse