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ben-hicks-picSEO Account Manager

Ben is our very own locally-sourced, farm-raised SEO. Having moved from his home on an Illinois farm to his place in the near South Side—including a stint exploring the streets as a suburban postman—Ben is very interested in the shape and meaning of our terrain, thinking about how technology is overlaid and integrated with our surroundings. Ben uses his additional experience in advertising and geographic information systems in his work with SEO, trying to stay one move ahead in his ongoing chess match with Google. When he isn’t up to his eyeballs in maps, he likes to dabble in social media strategy and content creation as well.

In real life, Ben can usually be found biking through the genius grid system of Chicago, or at home watching reality TV and inventing new recipes for brussel sprouts that he alleges people should eat.

Articles By Ben Hicks

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