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As a 2 year old, Charlie would often flip through the pages of his children’s books pretending to read aloud stories that originated somewhere deep inside his tiny toddler-brain. Even though he could not yet understand the words on the page, he was bent on making sense of the mystifying beast that lay in front of him known as the English language. He remains mystified, but is confident that he wields the power necessary to tame the beast. At the University of Illinois, Charlie honed his skill with a pen as an English major who occasionally reviewed music. His time spent writing for a Member of Parliament in London further diversified his writing capabilities and made him feel much more important than he actually was. However, you can trust that Charlie has since realized his importance upon joining the world of SEO.

When not at Chicago Style SEO, Charlie cannot stop—and will never stop—quoting Kyle YouTube videos.

Articles By Charlie Weller

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