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In an era when information is king, no matter what platform or tracking solution you use, analytic data from your website is the single most important key to success.

Key Performance Indicators from Analytics

The number of ways in which data collected from Google Analytics can be interpreted is nearly endless. At Chicago Style SEO, we know where to look to find your business’s key performance indicators (KPIs), delivering you the clearest picture of your marketing landscape, past and present, so that all future decisions can be informed. Here are four of the most important categories of Google Analytics KPIs that we track for our clients:

  • Traffic Sources

We tell you how your website’s visitors are finding you and on what platform they are doing so. This allows you to mold your website to cater to your audience.

  • Audience

We tell you who is visiting your website. Everything from demographics, interests, and location of your audience to how frequently individuals are visiting, we can report it.

  • Page Tracking

We track your audience’s behavior on your most important pages to let you know what’s working and what isn’t. We use this information to make your landing pages as effective at converting as possible.

  • Conversion Tracking

We track each conversion on your website to find out the path your customer took to pay you. We tell you how you’re making most of your money and where we can make you more.

Chicago’s Analytics Professionals

At Chicago Style SEO, we make analytics an initial priority for every client. By reviewing your current tracking solution and providing the option to install Google Analytics, we make sure you have command of your business data before any other improvements are made. We recommend Google Analytics in particular, even if it runs concurrently with another package, because it is powerful, stable, versatile, and free.

A typical one to two hour installation involves:

  • Adding custom filters to regularize incoming data (while excluding employee data)
  • Insuring all site pages are properly tagged
  • Establishing trackable goals
  • Establishing e-commerce tracking
  • Establishing buying funnel monitoring
  • Many more services, tailored to fit your needs

Google Analytics plus AdWords

To separate the different incoming data streams, clients that also have Google Adwords campaigns will have the accounts tied together while also getting a special filter to track exact keywords being searched by customers that are driving ad clicks. Chicago Style SEO also offers extensive, 100% customized monthly tracking reports to give you a clear snapshot of what is happening on your site. We don’t use “dashboards” that treat you like every other business out there; we tailor your report so it’s reporting exactly what you need and nothing more…or less.

Along with Analytics reports to highlight key metrics like traffic, time on site, bounce rate, etc., we have custom pay-per-click (PPC) reports, and keyword ranking reports.  These become invaluable for increasing revenue as they allow you to focus on what works and eliminate wasteful spending on ineffective efforts.

Big Data for Your Small Business

With billboard, print, television, or radio advertising, the best data that can be collected is probably a very rough estimate on the number of impressions a brand is getting – the average number of cars driving by, the amount of magazine subscribers, etc. A tracking solution like Google Analytics, however, can collect an astounding amount of serviceable data from nearly every component of your website and report back to you using a wide range of data metrics. This ability to track the causes and effects of marketing in real time has revolutionized the advertising world, making it impossible to overstate the importance of acquiring good data.

We have gone from having almost all our keywords ranking somewhere above 75+, to having five keywords in the top 10, and 10 keywords in the top 20, we have seen some real progress.

Chris Strupp, Marketing Manager – Chicago Flyhouse