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Partner, Director of Salesrod holmes

Tokyo, Japan. 1996. Rod Holmes was bitten by the internet bug and quickly developed superhuman abilities to fight evildoers and wire businesses for the online world. Originally in Japan to teach English, Rod dove deeper into his newfound passion, till what began with building websites ended with owning his own corporate training company. By developing a database program and writing a very successful course with his wife for Japanese businesses in email communication strategy, Rod created a worldwide learning management system, even in the early, uncharted years of the internet. Upon his return to the States, he was primed to enter the burgeoning SEO scene, excited by its promising mix of technology and marketing. As a founding partner of Chicago Style SEO, Rod understands the direct and lasting impact of SEO on business success and enjoys partnering with them to help them break new ground on the internet.

Rod is currently trying to invent the self-cleaning fish tank. His migratory path over the course of his life of Montana-South Dakota-Connecticut-Tokyo/Chicago has singlehandedly disproven the law of entropy, as he moves to increasingly denser states.

We have gone from having almost all our keywords ranking somewhere above 75+, to having five keywords in the top 10, and 10 keywords in the top 20, we have seen some real progress.

Chris Strupp, Marketing Manager – Chicago Flyhouse